Sizing Guide

How to Choose your Size 
Using a Fabric Measuring tape, wrap it around your wrist against the skin taking note of the number where the tape measure meets "0".  This is your wrist size!  Now add 1/4" - 1/2" (inch), depending on your preference.  Our most popular size is 6.5 inches.  For example - if you measured anywhere from 6.0 - 6.25 inches, you will order a 6.5" (inch) bracelet. 
You can achieve the same results by cutting a strip of paper around 1 inch thick.  In this case, wrap it around your wrist against the skin, and make a mark where the paper meets.  Then measure this with a ruler to determine your wrist size.  
Don't stress, as our bracelets are on a stretch material allowing for flexibility when stacking and sizing!  Always "roll" bracelets on and off individually to reduce wear.   
Please note - Orders placed on our 6mm and/or 8mm bracelets will have an additional bead added to the size ordered, due to the size of the beads taking up more space.  Example measured 6" wrist will order 6.5" plus a bead. 
Items to Note:
- Measure in inches 
- to get an accurate measurement of your wrist, do not hold the tape measure (or paper) too tight or too loose.
- do not use a string as it will result in an inaccurate measure (meaning too tight/small)