Sizing Guide

How to Choose your Size -

We want to make sure your NOEMI SHAY is the perfect fit so we recommend that you measure your wrist to ensure that you order the correct size! This is important since many of our items cannot be exchanged due to their custom nature (see Care & Support).  The good news is our bracelets are made of a stretch material making them easy and versatile to wear - so don't stress!

Using a Fabric Measuring tape:
Wrap it around your wrist against the skin taking note of the number where the tape measure meets "0".  This is your wrist size! Now add 0.25" - 0.5" (based how you want it to fit) to your measured wrist size when ordering.  For example - measured 6" will order 6.25" or 6.5". For example - measured 6" will order 6.25" or 6.5".

You can achieve the same results by cutting a strip of paper around 1 inch thick.  In this case, wrap it around your wrist against the skin, and make a mark where the paper meets.  Then measure this with a ruler to determine your wrist size.  Don't forget to add 0.25" - 0.50" to your measured wrist size when order. 
Once you have your wrist measurement, please add 0.25" - 0.5" to your measured size when ordering.
Please note - it is recommended to add measurements based on ball bead size:
> Quarter (0.25") for 3mm, 4mm and 5mm bracelets; and
> Half-an-Inch (0.5") for 6mm and 8mm bracelets

- Measure in inches
- we sell our products in inches and have a wide range within 1/4 inch offerings.  
- to get an accurate measurement of your wrist, do not hold the tape measure (or paper) too tight or too loose.
- do not use a string as it will result in an inaccurate measure (meaning too tight/small)