Our Story

NOEMI SHAY resulted from a single, potent element: love.

NOEMI SHAY was founded in 2019 by Natalie Derian, who in the middle of her second pregnancy designed one beaded bracelet with the initials of her firstborn - the namesake of the brand. Little did she know that within a calendar year, one bracelet would evolve into an entire line of made-to-order jewelry.

Natalie, who is both fashion and family-oriented, wanted to make a customizable everyday keepsake that represents what you love most. Her keen eye comes from her extensive background in both the retail and wholesale segments of the luxury fashion industry. But in the midst of her quickly-growing career within the fashion-contemporary space, Natalie and her husband began to experience difficulties with pregnancy. Their early bouts with conception turned into four rounds of IVF. When the third one failed, she decided to quit her job. As hard as it was, she wanted to focus on having a family.

Before her fifth attempt at IVF, Natalie turned to Eastern Medicine. After five months of following a strict regime of natural treatments and acupuncture, Natalie became pregnant with… Noemi Shay.

Natalie wanted to make something to remind herself of the first heartbeats she heard. Now, she wants everyone to keep what they love most, closest.

Two years later, Natalie and her husband welcomed their second daughter, Cilicia Olivia. The first ball bead bracelets expanded into a comprehensive collection of various three-tone chains, charms, and bracelets. The brand continues to grow into an extensive collection made to wear.

NOEMI SHAY products are made from high quality materials.  We specialize in  metals in hypoallergenic stainless steel and 14kt gold-filled for durability and resistance to tarnishing. Precious Metals adorn selected pieces using 18kt Gold plating, further enhancing the feel of each product to the touch.

NOEMI SHAY is juxtaposed, uncategorized and every day; a new derivative of modern-luxury